South Coast & Northern Lights

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Departing from Reykjavík, we head east towards the south coast of Iceland. On clear days, you will see Hekla Volcano and in the distance, the glacier-capped Eyjafjalljökull Volcano will rise majestically above the coastal mountains at its base. Just a few kilometres off the coastline, you might be able to see the volcanic Westman Islands. 

Our first stop is at the 60-metre high Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, famous for the hidden pathway behind it. We then stop at the powerful Skógafoss Waterfall where a short walk up a flight of steps will reveal one of Iceland´s most scenic view.

We will stop at Sólheimajökull Glacier, on our way to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. There the powerful Atlantic waves crash on the black sands. You will see the jagged basalt sea stacks and the huge basalt-column cave, who are a sight to simply astound you.

Our last stop will be Vík. The village of Vík is the southernmost village in Iceland, located on the main ring road around the island. Despite its small size, it is the largest settlement for 70 km. After we spend some time in VIK, we head back to Reykjavík.

In the evening, a search for the Northern Lights will be made, if weather allows. For many seeing the Northern Lights is the reason for coming to Iceland in the winter. The Aurora is both wonderfully mysterious and magical, and once seen never forgotten. Simply put, nothing says “Icelandic Winter” like the idea of hunting for the Northern Lights.

The result of powerful solar storms, the Northern Lights need clear winter skies to be visible. Rest assured, our expert operational team has decades of experience analysing weather patterns. We carefully review on a daily basis the cloud forecast and the Northern Lights forecast. We never set off unless we think we have a good chance of spotting them, meaning we have a high success rate.

Every one of our Northern Lights tours is guided by one of our specially trained Northern Lights guides, who are both knowledgeable and helpful and will even offer tips on how to take photos of this wonderful natural phenomenon. To look for the Auroras you need to be outdoors in the Icelandic winter and so you definitely need to dress warmly. 

  • Departs 25 August till 25 April @ 0900
  • Duration including the 3 hour Northern Lights Tour is around 13 Hours
  • Price Includes Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Knowledgeable local guide, Admission to the sights & Free Wi-Fi and usb charger in every seat

Adults £119.00

Child 12 - 15 Years £71.40

Child 1 - 11 FREE

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