Landmannalaugar Hiking & Nature Baths Tour

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Landmannalaugar is one of the hidden gems of Iceland. Most visitors to our shores stick to more easily accessible regions such as the Golden Circle or the southern coastline. Landmannalaugar on the other hand requires special 4x4 vehicles to access. This extra effort is well worth it for the astounding and unique landscapes that await you.

From hiking trails through ancient lava fields and rolling rhyolite hills, bathing in hot-springs to beautiful sites such as Hjálparfoss, Granni and Háifoss waterfall and Hnausapollur volcanic crater lake, there is something for everyone on our Landmannalaugar tour. Join us then on our highland bus and visit the beautiful Landmannalaugar.

We head east out of the city and our first stop is where the powerful river Fossá splits in two about 800m upstream of the waterfalls, Háifoss and Granni. Where the river meets these falls, the water spills over 100m to the canyon bottom.

áifoss, literally high falls, stands tall at 122 meters, the higher and more powerful of the pair. The river cascades down in one sheer drop. Interestingly, Haifoss was once officially the third highest waterfall in the country until the discovery of Mórsárfoss, just 6 years ago. Now, this stunning waterfall has to settle for fourth place.

Granni, meaning neighbor, is a little smaller and the water falls over two ledges before reaching the bottom. During spring and early summer, these falls are at their most voluminous due to the melting snow upstream. These falls are very remote and off the beaten track so you won´t need to frame your photos in order to avoid crowds.

Located in Þjórsárdalur valley, Hjálparfoss is a double-pronged waterfall framed by stunning basalt formations, remnants of an eruption at the nearby Hekla volcano. The falls are actually the culmination and meeting point of two rivers, the Þjórsá (Iceland´s longest river) and the Fossá.

The pool, which forms at the base of the falls in olden times offered relief and water to weary travellers from the north, which led to its name, which translates to Help Falls in English.

This Crater Lake is an underappreciated gem. Naturally, places that are easy to reach attract more eyes and hype but Iceland is dotted with many hidden gems like this crater. Though less famous than the similar Kerið, Hnausapollur is well worth a visit. This crater was formed during the massive simultaneous eruption of Barðabunga and Torfajökull volcanoes, over 1200 years ago.

Landmannalaugar is a highland region which forms part of the 470m2 Fjallabak nature reserve. The area usually becomes accessible for day tours in June, depending on the degree of havoc caused to the roads by the spring meltwaters. This rough F-road is one to avoid in anything but 4x4 vehicles. Luckily for you, our sturdy highland bus is up to the challenge.

Famous for its colourful unique terrain with rhyolite hills and lava fields, this is a hiker´s paradise. Your guide will take you on the trail for a 1.5-2 hour easy to moderate hike and you will be rewarded with wonderful views, photo opportunities, and a well-earned sense of accomplishment. If you prefer you can take a walk by yourself to enjoy the sense of remoteness and tranquillity and meet back up with the guide afterwards. In addition, what better way to end a hike than to soak your weary feet in a hot spring. Just remember to bring your swimsuit!

After our time together in Landmannalaugar, we embark on the journey back west, arriving to the city in time for you to catch a late dinner.

  • Operates from 1 June to 15 September @ 0700
  • Duration is around 13 Hours
  • Price Includes Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off, Transportation and Professional Guide, Guided hiking tour, Facilities fee at Landmannalaugar 
  • Free WiFi
  • We recommend you bring a Packed lunch as there is no restaurant in Landmannalaugar though there is a small shop for snacks, a water bottle and your bathing suit and towel

Adult £139.00

Child 12 - 15 Years £69.50

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